Why Choose a Grengine?

The Grengine is cheaper to run than fuel powered engines and requires no maintenance. It is stackable, with a stylish design, portable, and easy to carry, all in a small package that delivers a big punch. The Grengine is easy and safe to operate for almost anyone regardless of age or ability. A Grengine 1000 battery (12 lbs) has the power of a 12 V 100 Amp hour lead acid battery (approximately 85 lbs). It is also adaptable to any almost any technology operating on lead acid (with the appropriate adapter). There is potential to develop an endless variety of products, including lawn mowers, water pumps and snow blowers.

No Noise

Did we mention the Grengine is silent? Gas generators produce an average of 100 decibels, hearing loss begins at 85 decibels. With the Grengine you have plenty of power for all your needs in the outdoors and still allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet.

No Fumes

There are no emissions or VOC's from the Grengine; emissions which are a toxic to humans, plants and animals and caused by fuel powered engines such as gas generators and lawn mowers. Safely use any Grengine model indoors or out.


103 Ibs is the average weight of a 1000 Watt gas generator that produces the same power as the 24 lb Grengine 1000. The Grengine UltraLite is even easier to carry with you at only 13 lbs. Now you can take power with you anywhere you need to go.

Green Purchasing

Companies are selecting suppliers who provide green solutions and have achieved green certification to boost their green purchasing status with environmentally conscious consumers. The Grengine lets you leave it as you found it.