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Grengine 1000

Do you...


Live in a remote location?

Rest easy knowing that you'll always have power with the Grengine.


Own a recreational vehicle?

Power an outdoor projector or power up your laptop with the added bonus that it runs silent.

Home Emergency

Need backup power in case of emergency?

Keep your family safe knowing you'll always have access to power in an emergency.

How it Works

Home Emergency


Charge the Grengine by solar panel or electric wall outlet.

Home Emergency


Has outlets for mobile phones, laptops and three-prong electric cords.

Home Emergency


The light-weight lithium-ion battery can be charged for over 1000 cycles.


What can it power?

Computers, laptop, etc…

How long does the power last?

6 hours for laptop.
10 hours for phone.

How long does it take to charge?

6 hours

What is its life span?

The lithium-ion battery allows for 1000's of cycles of charging before there is a decline in charge.

What is your warranty?

1 year

What is your return policy?

30 days

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